Fall 2017


Blakey Prize in Fine Art: ACCS National Fine Arts Competition

Congratulations to our winners!
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Drawing Category

First Prize Drawing
Charcoal on Paper
“Peeling the Apple”
Gadi Edwards
Logos School, Moscow, ID
My mother was showing me drawings she did in art school. I was highly influenced by the black and white she did that were simple but still very powerful. That’s what inspired this drawing the most. I wanted to create something atmospheric and simple; charcoal worked perfectly for it.

Runner-Up Drawing
Colored Pencil
Ethan Miller
Cary Christian School, Cary, NC
The classical artist that influenced my artwork is Peter Paul Rubens. His realistic, expressive interpretations of lions in “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” inspired the realistic illustration of my loyal dog. I strove to capture the immense detail of each strand of fur as well as the expression of loyalty I see in my dog’s face every day.

Painting Category

First Prize Painting
Oil on Panel
Emma Hankins
Evangel Classical Christian School, Alabaster, AL
My painting “Praise” is in celebration of present day mission work and is inspired by both Christian and portrait paintings created in the fifteenth century by early Flemish painter Jan van Eyck. My painting portrays a young man by the name of Bheki Motsa praising God on the mission eld in Swaziland. I believe Christian artists can use their gifts in many ways to glorify God. Capturing worship through painting is a great place to start.

Runner-Up Painting
Acrylic on Canvas
Jeremy Crawford
Rockbridge Academy, Millersville, MD
In painting class, we were instructed to paint a still life through the lens of contemporary realism. I was immediately drawn to the color and joy presented by these Tootsie Pops. I have been greatly in uenced by the contemporary still lifes of Michael Naples, as well as by the work of eighteenth-century French painter, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin. In the same way, I strive to make my artwork more than just paint on a canvas, but a story worth telling, so that, even by means of a favorite childhood candy, my observer might feel moved, intrigued, and delighted.