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Chrysostom Winner, Abdu Murray, and Senator Ben Sasse “If personal preferences replace truth as the objective measure, what happens when personal preferences collide without the arbiter of absolute truth? The winner will be determined by who has the loudest microphone...

Conference Highlights It was a great day at the 2019 Repairing the Ruins conference. Today, the ACCS was honored to recognize one of its founders, Douglas Wilson, with The Boniface Award: presented to an outstanding individual who kindly speaks oft-unwelcomed truth...

Leader's Day, BaseCamp LIVE Meet & Greet, and More "Hospitality has the power to confirm or deny one's sense of humanity." - Elizabeth Dixon, Chick-Fil-A This morning, over 250 school heads gathered to listen to Chick-Fil-A company leaders as they discussed the...

The Classical Difference Today hosts 2019 Repairing the Ruins Conference. This week we will be hosting the 2019 Repairing the Ruins conference from Atlanta, Georgia. We will be keeping you posted on all updates, keynote speakers, and more! Please read these posts to...

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