The Christian Post recently reported some interesting survey results on Generation Z.

As young Americans continue to grow up in America’s current sexual regime, they are getting less enthusiastic for LGBT rights and practices.

If you have been connected to the outside world at all, you likely realized that it was pride month.

America’s elite institutions go out of their way to ensure Christians know they won the culture war–“pride” is in your stores all over your clothes. Oreo Cookies is even encouraging children to “pick their pronouns.”

Members of Generation Z see this, and they are not buying it.  At least not universally.

In fact, in just three years, “Forty-five percent of young respondents who do not identify as LGBT indicated that they were either “somewhat” or “very” comfortable around LGBT persons, a decrease from 53 percent in 2017 and 63 percent in 2016.”

So much so that they are starting to get skeptical–a skepticism that provides fertile ground for a faithful and deep education.

As educators and parents, we should be encouraged by the numbers, and firm in our resolve to never capitulate to culture.

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