— SCOTT TAYLOR, Headmaster, Veritas Academy, Savannah, GA

In December before the break, we received a generous donation from a man in California. Most all our donations come from Veritas families, grandparents, or friends in the community. But this fellow was a total stranger. We could not determine any association with the school. In the thank you note to him I asked about how he knew about Veritas. Ten days later he emailed and asked to speak with me by phone.

He told me that some months back he had been a tourist in Savannah. While he was doing the usual sightseeing in the historic district, he and his wife sat down in a square to rest and noticed a group of high school students engaged in a discussion with their teacher. He figured they were having class outside on a nice day. As he listened, he became increasingly impressed with the level of discussion taking place and the maturity of the students. He saw “Veritas Academy” on the student uniforms and determined to look us up when he got home.

He found our website and was further impressed by what he read. When it came time to do his year-end giving, he sent us a donation. After our December 23 conversation, he sent Veritas a second contribution that was twice the amount of the first gift. I do not know which class was in the square that day and I do not know if we will ever hear from this fellow again, but I do know God is good, that He provides, and that He can work in ways we do not anticipate. I am grateful for this gentleman’s generosity and I praise God for His kindness. I am thankful for our wonderful students and teachers. I am also reminded that you never know who is watching and listening!

SCOTT TAYLOR, Headmaster, Veritas Academy, Savannah, GA, January 20, 2021