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The Great Thing about Expectations

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8 Ideas you Can’t Live Without

Augustine Classical Rowing Team

Augustine Classical Rowing Team

A note from Mr. Hopkins: We will gladly donate a boat and oars to the next ACCS school that wants to get into rowing. It won’t be the prettiest shell out there, but it will be sound and a good foundation for a start-up team. info@augustineca.org AUGUSTINE CLASSICAL...

Theology Through the Eyes of Fiction

Theology Through the Eyes of Fiction

By KYLE D. RAPINCHUK Visit:The Classical Thistle In Christian communities, we commonly study literature with an aim towards assessing the worldview of a particular work. We may look at the characters and their choices in order to determine if they are moral or not and...

Are they ready to give an answer?

Are they ready to give an answer?

Photo: Trinitas Christian School, Pensacola, FL by PATRICK HALBROOK History & Rhetoric Teacher, Cary Christian School Originally published: https://www.carychristianschool.org/are-they-ready-to-give-an-answer/ But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be...

God Started a School

God Started a School

By JENNIFER DURHAM Startups Schools are starting around the country (and even around the globe). Some of these startups post information on the ACCS main website. To see this list visit ClassicalChristian.org/start-a-school. It was Sunday, July 30th, 2017 when we...

Ian Lindquist Thinks the ACCS is Distinctly American

Ian Lindquist Thinks the ACCS is Distinctly American

Are Associations an "American Thing?" Did you know that associations are a distinctly “American” form of organization? Historically, Americans were particularly skilled at organically organizing themselves to solve complex social problems. In no way is this more clear...

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