At classical Christian schools we believe he best way to read history is to go to the source documents.  Enjoy this light, humorous reading of a 1791 Newspaper originally posted in the Journal of the American Revolution.

One of the most effective ways to immerse yourself in history is to read old newspapers—to read the goings-on of the past, written in present tense. Before the internet, television, and radio, this was the primary means of disseminating information to the masses. And so, to hold a newspaper, printed many lifetimes ago, to delve into the stories of the day, to observe the particular language used, is a rare experience one can actually share with someone from that time. You’re reading the news exactly as they would have read it. Even the most mundane notices, like objects for sale or obituaries, afford the modern reader the most pleasing tidbits of historical minutiae found almost nowhere else.