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Tens of thousands of parents have embraced

classical Christian schools because

they can see the difference.

About Classical Christian Education

This unique form of ancient education offers so much more than career readiness. Christian leaders and intellectuals, like G.K. Chesterton, have echoed this point for centuries:

“Education is not a subject, and does not deal in subjects. It is instead a transfer of a way of life.”

The Good Life and the Classroom

We want a Christian way of life to be restored within our Christian communities. This “pearl of great price” in education is greatly valued for those who understand its potential, but largely unrecognized by those who do not.

Classical Christian schools are not so much about teaching as we are about forming the soul. We’re not so much about subject matter as we are about virtue. We’re not so concerned with making a living as we are living for a greater purpose. In all this, Classical Christian educators lean on the words of Christ in speaking of vocation in Matt. 6: “Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

Classical Christian education nurtures our youth to transfer a genuine Christian way of life for the next generation of believers—a life marked by a deeper understanding of Christ, His universe, His people, and His Way. It’s time to rethink education. Classical Christian education breaks away to re-establish Christianity as a leading voice in our culture. As you’ll see, the difference can be measured many ways.

As you explore more about classical Christian education, we hope you will join us, support your local school, or start a school. ACCS_graphic_sm1

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