Fall 2015
Advent Sundays in 2015: November 28, December 5, December 12, December 19

Advent is “wreathed” in traditions,

and many are worthy of following.

However, our family keeps it simple.


We use a script, and celebrate each Sunday in Advent (not weekdays), plus Christmas Eve. Dad reads everything directly off the paper, usually right before dinner so we can enjoy the candlelight while we eat afterward. The simple but beautiful words will remain with our children throughout their lives.

  1. It takes about 5–10 minutes. We do it in the dark, by candlelight. Add snow falling if possible. If it’s dark, you might need to supplement with a non-advent candle or two to provide light without ruining the atmosphere.
  2. Place a simple wreath on the table with four colored candles (we use all green, red, or blue) evenly spaced in it. You can just insert small candle holders into the wreath, but make sure you’re not creating a fire hazard.
  3. Place a white candle in a candle holder in the center.

With your wreath set up and the lights turned off, just follow the script. You can view and download our Advent script here.


Tips and Traditions

Traditionally the lighting of each candle is assigned to a specific family member. That person lights the same candle throughout the Advent season. This can leave some kids out if you have a larger family. To let all the kids participate, rotate assignments or use more candles. The colors of the candles are also important in many Advent celebrations. The traditions are there for a reason, so you might want to research them if you’re interested. ACCS_graphic_sm1