If you haven’t heard, students at Brown University petitioned the administration because their schoolwork was getting in the way of their protesting.  This might be a curious little humor story if it weren’t part of a much bigger, nearly universal trend in higher education.  World Magazine reports that Oregon State University will soon launch a mandated ‘social justice’ training course for all freshmen.  Apparently, this isn’t isolated.  These types of classes are becoming widespread at state and many private colleges nationally.

What do these classes teach?  That ‘intolerance’ toward progressive ideas will not be tolerated.  Hmm.  As Mary Clare Reim of the Heritage Foundation puts it ““Students no longer need to defend their ideas, they just need to shut down the other ideas,” she said. “The only way to respond to someone you disagree with is to silence them.”  This sounds less and less like college and more like “re-education” according to a political philosophy.

The good news is there are some excellent classical Christian options for college.  Wherever parents send their students, they should be aware that the goal of most colleges today isn’t actually education.  Nor is it Christian.