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Q: “I’ve heard classical education is unnecessarily difficult or harsh. Won’t my child be stressed out?”

A: Children enjoy learning. They are wired for it. Assuming that children will not be able to succeed or be happy in a  challenging environment is tempting, but simply untrue.

   As adults, learning new things can be uncomfortable. However, most children are fascinated by what they learn. The excitement of children learning Latin grows as they become able to describe the world in a language that most adults do not understand. The rich and complex texture of classical literature is strangely amplified by youth. Science and the history of Western civilization come alive for those who hunger to know about their world. For the unconvinced, a visit to our schools is sure to demonstrate that our students love to learn.

   Classical schools maintain order in the classroom. This should not translate to stoic classes where interaction is limited to an occasional, downcast “yes sir.” In fact, we encourage extensive interaction between students and teachers. Students are not allowed to be disruptive, but they are constantly encouraged to offer observations, ask questions, interact, and make comments. The classical method, implemented wisely, encourages a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment for students.

—David Goodwin, President, ACCS