The Classical Difference recently released a study by the ACCS and the University of Notre Dame that reflects the differences in life outcomes of alumni from various types of schools. In the coming Summer 2020 issue of our magazine, we plan to give a full report. One of the attributes unique to our graduates, according to the survey data, was their “independence of mind” profile. On that profile, ACCS alumni scored more than twice as high as the next most independent category—homeschoolers.

This independence can be seen in graduate responses. I’ll provide just a couple of examples here.

ACCS alumni trust and respect scientists more than any other conservative Christian group. And, by a wider margin, they believe science and religion are mostly compatible. With the position taken by science often reflecting Hitchen’s viewpoint (see previous article), you would think this would result in ACCS alumni compromising their faith. Rather, they are the least likely of any group to believe there are errors in the Bible regarding science orhistory. This reflects their thoughtful understanding in the face of strong pressure from science.

In another example, ACCS alumni were the most likely of any conservative Christian group to believe that society should be more tolerant of non-Christian religions. But, they were the least likely to believe religion is a private matter and should be kept out of social and political debates. And, they were the most comfortable challenging other religious groups in the public square. Once again, ACCS alumni feel free to tolerate other points of view, but they also feel free to disagree with them.

This is a glimpse into the many factors that show students from ACCS schools are different. Very different.