The 2021 First Place Chrysostom Oratory Competition Winner

Hannah Kim, from Veritas Classical Academy, Fullerton, CA,  presented her winning thesis, “Fact Became Myth: The Mythology of Modern Science” at the Repairing the Ruins conference, June 2021, in Frisco, TX.

Each year students from ACCS member schools have the opportunity to participate in the Chrysostom Oratory Competition, where they present their senior thesis. The senior thesis is the culmination of four years of work, and is required for high school graduation. The students present and defend their thesis before a panel of faculty at their school, after which they can enter it in the Chrysostom Oratory Competition.  The first and second place winners of the competition receive a prize of $500. The first place winner also presents their thesis in person at the Repairing the Ruins Conference. You can view past winning speeches here.