In light of the current happenings with big tech, censorship, and the curtailing of free speech on certain social media platforms, this is a timely message.

By Ty Fischer

You should listen to the Mortification of Spin Podcast: Live Not by Lies. Rod Dreher is a voice crying out in the wilderness warning of evils that we need to prepare ourselves for. He mentions many parallels between what is currently happening in our culture compared to what happened in Russia and Eastern Europe before Communist oppression.

He is, however, warning about a softer and more thoroughgoing kind of oppression in the neighborhood of Aldous Huxley rather than George Orwell. This oppression, Dreher predicts, will come from the corporations and ever present technology. He did not mention De Tocqueville’s predictions in, “Democracy in America,” about the possible tyranny of corporations which we see shades of in cancel culture or the manipulation of corporate power by causes on the revolutionary left. De Tocqueville also predicts a kind of slavery by shepherds who lead and control by reducing men to sheep who are trained to follow the path of least resistance. I will write more on this in future weeks, but you should listen to and think through this podcast asap. Also, you might want to do what I did today–buy the book Live Not by Lies.