As of today, The Classical Difference released “Good Soil— 7 comparative profiles of ACCS alumni.” The release was managed by our PR firm, A Larry Ross.

We have created a web site for initial public inquiries at  You can download the final report at this site.  This will be the location published in most of our media and web-based promotions of the survey.  Anyone can download a copy of the full report at this site.


During the 1990s, families in about 100 communities across the United States started classical Christian schools with the hope of offering an education that would assist parents in raising their children in the paideia of the Lord. The question almost thirty years later is: “To what extent have the goals of classical Christian education been realized?” To that end, the ACCS commissioned a study by the University of Notre Dame’s Sociology Department.

2018-19 comparative study of 24-42 year old alumni from public, secular private, Catholic, evangelical Christian, religious homeschool, and ACCS (classical Christian) schools, on topics of life-choices, preparation, attitudes, values, opinions, and practices.
Research & Analysis: Dr. David Sikkink, University of Notre Dame, Sociology Department (non-ACCS comparative data) Association of Classical Christian Schools (Sponsorship).