Winter 2018

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Socratic discussions? The Great Books? The Trivium? These words did not characterize the education of most of us parents. To help provide not only a brief glimpse into their kids’ education, but also a way for parents to engage their students in meaningful conversations, parent events are cropping up around the country. These are taking the form of classes, reading groups, Q & A lunches, and even Theater Night.

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Evangel Classical School, Marysville, WA

Six years ago when we started our school, we told parents and folks from our church about our great books curriculum (Omnibus from Veritas Press), and a number of them lamented that they had not studied those books when they were younger. We decided to offer an opportunity for adult friends of the school to audit the class one day per week, joining in the discussion. Over the course of the first six years of the school our auditor numbers waxed and waned based on interest and availability, but a handful stayed the course for the full six years of the curriculum, and they would all say they’re not the same as a result, their worldviews having exploded (in a good way!).

Fast forward to this fall, and having gone through the whole curriculum once (it’s a six year program), we have offered an evening course for friends of the school, and we had our first class last Thursday, using the Omnibus book list as our starting point. We had 40 people at our first class, and we’re praying that it is fruitful.

—JONATHAN SARR, Headmaster

Westminster Academy, Memphis, TN

Each quarter, Westminster holds at least one event on the theme of the year. This year, the theme is “Why Does Classical Christian Education Matter?” Not particularly catchy, but incredibly important.

Planned events for this year include a night at the theatre, with a speaker on the importance of studying drama through the lens of Classical Christian Education; Monica Whatley (author of “Shaping Hearts and Minds”) will speak and hold a Q&A session with parents. In addition, we will hold 2 “lunch and learn” sessions: one with our headmaster on “Why Classical Christian Education May Not Be For You” (a follow up to Monica’s talk) and “Even Kindergartners Need CCE” with our kindergarten teacher, Dr. Debbie Barclay.

Past “Dinner and Dialogue” (small group potluck dinners) have included:
– Faith and Science
– Inside Out Coaching
– Life After Lower School
– Difficult and Delightful Dialectic Students

We love getting together and talking! (Particularly if there’s food!)
–Elizabeth Perkins

Cambridge School of Dallas, TX

We held a parent course last fall entitled “Short Fiction in America.” We had a total of six weekly classes. More than experiencing their kids’ education, it was an uplifting education for parents. Because it’s not just for kids!

See the Seminar Synopsis (PDF)
–Emily Eber


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