Before you send your student off to college…  Parents beware

Colleges across America are now peaking the absurdity meter as they teach students that what you believe is true IS true.  “Would you believe I’m a 6’5″ Chinese Woman?” asks the host, who clearly is not.  Watch one student after another struggle to make sense of gender identity.

Classical Christian education pursues truth– real truth embodied in Jesus Christ.  Things are what He says they are, not what some 18 year old college freshman ‘feels’ is true.  And, with careful study of scripture and the great works of theology, we can understand more about truth as it really is.  What possible value is there in attending a college that teaches students truth is this flexible?  Just don’t let them build the bridges we drive on, or formulate the medicines we take!  And they say that classical education isn’t practical…

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