“It is my hope that if I am asked about this poem, I will be able to truthfully and compassionately share the truth about unborn lives, and that this dialogue will challenge others to reconsider their position on abortion.”

Micah Stewart, a junior at Cedar Tree Classical Christian School in Ridgefield, WA, won 2nd place in the Poetry Out Loud 2021 state competition. Micah competed with three poems, one of which was “The Salutation,” by Thomas Traherne. The poem describes the tiny, forming body, and reminds the audience that this life is a gift from God.

He is thankful for a godly, classical education, and the ability to identify emotivism and sentimentalism, as he listened to others present poems about preferred pronouns and dark, “edgy,” anti-religious themes in which truth was based on feeling. Even though this was sad to hear, Micah says, “Overall, I think Poetry Out Loud is not only a great opportunity to practice and improve public speaking abilities, but also to grow in appreciation for poetry and its beauty.”

Watch the performances: 2021 Southwest Washington Regional Poetry Out Loud virtual recognition ceremony

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