Allow me to say this…back in 2006 when our oldest daughter was three, we made a decision we were going to send our children to public schools.

A few months after making that decision, I suggested to my wife that I was going to do thorough research into alternatives to public schools just so when we had a bad day in public schools, we wouldn’t second guess our decision.

I visited and researched all kinds of private Christian schools and many were no different than secular schools except they had chapel one day each week.

Also, the curriculum in the private schools were usually not as rigorous as public schools…but WAIT!!! Then I stumbled on to a type of private Christian school I had not heard of.

It was a Classical Christian School – the information on its website seemed too good to be true…so I started taking vacation days from work and interviewed teachers, parents, students-anyone associated with one of these Classical Christian Schools and found even more evidence that these schools were phenomenal!

Then I decided to take the gloves off…I read many of Douglas Wilson’s books on Classical Christian Education, put together six pages of questions – took more time off from work and went back to the person at one of these Classical Christian schools who was in charge of admissions and asked my questions and sat in on most every grade level of classes from kindergarten to twelfth grade and “alas” these Classical Christian Schools were every bit as good as they sounded…

…and all three of our teenagers have attended an accredited ACCS school since kindergarten (Association of Classical Christian Schools)…and our oldest who was three when I did my research will be going to college in the fall (graduates from an ACCS school this spring), and I can tell you every college we visited where the college representative reviewed our oldest daughter high school coursework was absolutely blown away by the depth, rigor, and usefulness of the K-12 education she had received.

I could go on and on, and I have, if you don’t want to send your children to a private school then I recommend NOT visiting an ACCS school because if you do, I guarantee you after what you see at these schools you will move Heaven and earth to get your children enrolled in an ACCS school…every class is taught with a Christian worldview and the curriculum is rigorous – and these are NOT gifted and talented schools…on the contrary, these are schools that challenge ALL students and the students almost without exception rise to that challenge.

In 2013 I had to make a job change that involved relocating my family, and we were so sold on ACCS schools, I would not even consider a job opportunity unless there was an accredited ACCS school in the area for our children to continue their Classical Christian Education…and we found just such a location – a 2,000-mile relocation but absolutely no loss in continuity in our children’s education. These schools are AWESOME!!!

Steve Carew – CCE parent