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“What struck me most, though, is the data for ‘outlook on life’; that is, for their general happiness and mental health.  The classically educated adults scored significantly higher than everyone else in measures of gratitude, hopefulness, a sense that life is under control, and the ability to handle suffering.  They also had more friends, with nearly 90% saying they had more than three close friends, far outstripping the private secular prep schools, which came in second at 50%.

Why would classical education help with that sort of thing?  My former student Andrew Kern, with whom I wrote Classical Education, was the one who told me about this study in a Zoom discussion we were having with some people in Finland who were wanting to start a classical school.  He said that classical learning teaches ‘rightly ordered thinking,’ so that there is a connection with the ‘rightly ordered mind’ that is essential to mental health . . .”

Review the Good Soil Study.

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Research Shows Benefits of a Classical Christian Education