Fall 2015

Through the Looking Glass

Quotes by Classically Educated Kids

“Latin is like a zombie. It’s dead. But it’s not.”

—Ellen, Redeemer Classical School, Murfreesboro, TN


For several weeks, both of my boys had rejected my offers to help with their Latin struggles. Finally, I sat them down and reassured them that I was there to help and that they could tell me any of their concerns. My son responded, “Mom, how can Latin be our secret language if you know it?”



When I was in 3rd grade, if I’d seen a one-eyed dog I would have said something like, “Look mom! A one-eyed dog!” What my son said was, “Look mater! Oculus unus!”




“I wonder if future people learning English when it’s a dead language like Latin will think we used ‘thee’ and ‘thou’ in our time. Like ‘thou art swag’…”

—Alexander, 8th grade, The Ambrose School, Meridian, ID


Great & Small

Student Stories


Set Apart

Set Apart

Even NASA engineers need inspiration sometimes, and Rockbridge Academy’s Sarah Daly delivered. She is one of only four finalists in the Junior category of the NASA and American Society of Mechanical Engineers “3D Space Container Challenge.” Sarah designed a 3D printable fruit fly container for astronauts to conduct experiments. According to the website, “The ability to 3D print containers in space—on demand— will let humans venture farther into space. That’s why we are challenging students to start designing for space now.”


Sarah Daly is a 7th grade student at Rockbridge Academy in Millersville, MD.