What are we looking for? The following are general guidelines by section. We keep all submissions indefinitely, and rely heavily on your contributions to inform and unite the classical Christian community through The Classical Difference.

“CCE” = Classical Christian Education

General Guidelines

All articles should:

  • speak to a topic of relevance to the parent CCE community. Articles must provide practical, entertaining, and/or encouraging information to readers and must relate to classical Christian education or its principles.
  • employ journalistic, not academic, style. Avoid material that might sound like an essay or thesis.
  • use a voice appropriate for our audience (parents and friends of CCE).
  • be of interest to a wide range of parents and friends of CCE. Avoid materials that are more likely to be of interest to teachers or administrators.
  • not be more than 1600 words in length. Short blurbs are usually 100-300 words. One page articles are 400-700 words. We love short quotes from students or teachers that are uniquely insightful or humorous!

Feel free to submit a proposal before writing if you prefer.


Note: We have other publications dedicated to those who teach or who are leaders in CCE. Contact us for more information about how to contribute to those publications or how to become an ACCS member and receive them.

Around the Country

Happenings at classical Christian schools.

From impromptu violin quartets to well-planned events, we’d love to know what is happening at your school, whether big or small. We’ve showcased group hugs, reading groups, trips to foreign sister schools, and fundraisers. Even a wandering alligator and great horned owl have made it onto our pages. Anything unique, entertaining, inspiring, or informative is considered. Please include a photo, the name of the school, and a brief write-up. Maximum 400 words.


Down the Hallway

Showcasing our students’ artwork and poetry.

We look for creations that are striking and/or beautiful. Please include as much of the
following information as possible:

  • the student’s name and grade
  • school name
  • a description of the assignment
  • why the student chose (or what they enjoyed about) the assignment or medium
  • any significant influences upon their work if applicable
  • if the student has any artistic aspirations


Set Apart

Sharing stories and quotes from our schools.

We look for:

  • clever quotes and stories from or about our students. Maximum 400 words.
  • unique stories of ACCS students who have received noteworthy recognition for their academic, recreational, or volunteer work outside of school. Examples include an ACCS student who places highly in a regional or national competition, a student who raises money for a charity, or a class who completes a unique project outside of their school. Maximum 400 words.


Letters and Notes

We consider any encouraging, amusing, insightful, or informative letters or notes about The Classical Difference or related content.


Alumni Profile

We look for alumni with unique stories that demonstrate the power of CCE. It is preferable to showcase alumni who have already graduated from college, although sometimes there are college students doing exceptional things. All articles must showcase how classical Christian education was a significant influence in their lives and current pursuits. Length should be between 600-1200 words.



We consider striking, focused images with a unique feature that draws attention. That feature might be a facial expression, a bold color, a striking pose, or an object. The image also should be fairly uniform in color, or have areas of uniform color large enough for the header logo and table of content highlights. Cover photos should be high resolution and at least 2MB, but 5-7MB is preferred.


Parting Shot

We look for fun, focused, and unique pictures of our students in any school-related activity. Photos should be high resolution and at least 2MB, but 5-7MB is preferred.