Christ or Chaos

Equal conflicting claims of truth cannot exist side by side. There must be a truth that is outside of the material for a stable nation to exist. This idea that there is no ultimate truth is an old idea. Pilot asks Jesus the question, “What is truth?” (John 18:38). Yet, Christ, the living truth, “is fixed, immovable, timeless and unyielding.”

One of the core values of classical Christian education is that truth is outside of what you or I feel; it is fixed and does not change.

Reason and the rules of logic are attributes of God.

That is why we have our students learn to read and even translate original sources, use the rules of logic, think independently by giving them the tools to examine facts for themselves and draw their own conclusions based on evidence (correspondence view of truth), and comfortably engage with those who challenge their conclusions.  These are the building blocks of a stable, strong, and gracious society.

The experiment of relativism is collapsing. The gods of openness and diversity that we have erected in the public square are impotent gods. They cannot deliver what they promised to deliver to us, but instead have brought us societal chaos.

Listen to this excellent less-than-14-minute podcast by Douglas Wilson on The Coming Collapse of Secular Man. 

The Coming Collapse of Secular Man