In 2018, Riot and The Dance: Earth released on 1,100 screens around the U.S. reaching tens of thousands of viewers in those screenings, but many educational allies and friends (in the U.S. and around the world) were left without any access to the film.

With Riot and The Dance: Water this cinematic celebration of creation is available to everyone, all around this crazy wet globe, on the same night!

The theme of the film (beyond God’s amazing creativity and craftsmanship) is baptism and meant to be a blessing to families in all of ACCS’s schools. 

All ACCS schools can receive a public display blu-ray of the new film and a license for unlimited for-profit or non-profit public screenings from March 6th through May 5th. If you sign up before February 21st, there’s a bunch of free swag thrown in as well.

–From the Riot and the Dance 


  • One universal territory blu-ray public display copy of The Riot and The Dance: Water with a license for unlimited non-profit and for-profit displays between March 6—May 5, 2020. The blu-ray does not need to be returned and can become your personal copy, but it cannot be re-sold.
  • Rent a theater for your event or show the film in a sanctuary, classroom, auditorium, or swimming pool–anywhere that works for you! Make the screening a promotional event, free of charge for members of your community, school, or church, or sell tickets as a fundraiser. This public license is meant to provide maximum flexibility for organizers.
  • One Blu-Ray copy of The Riot and the Dance: Earth with a license for unlimited nonprofit and for-profit displays. (Bonus Value: $21.95)
  • 90-day access (for your entire CC community, co-op, church, or school) to 4 “Creation and Marine Biology” lectures by Dr. Gordon Wilson. (Bonus value: $60.00)
  • Ten copies of the kids Adventure Book for The Riot and The Dance: Water for giveaway or sale at your screenings. (Bonus value: $119.50)
  • Ten copies of The Riot and The Dance: Water coloring books for giveaway or sale at your screenings. (Bonus value: $90.00)

To sign up visit:!

Director and classical Christian alumnus N.D. Wilson talks with The Classical Difference about Part I,
 Riot and Dance: Earth.

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