The Stocking Hunt

Start a new tradition and add some fun to your Christmas morning!

Hide the kids’ stockings and leave clues for where to find them. You’ll hand them the first clue, and then each clue generally leads to the next clue, until the final clue leads to the stocking(s).

Make it as simple or elaborate as you’d like. You might even have time to finish your cup(s) of coffee after staying up until 3am wrapping gifts.

Below is a list of potential hiding spots and corresponding clues to get you started. Keep reading for a list of suggestions for more clues and locations.

Possible Hiding Spots and Corresponding Clues

Anywhere near or on the Christmas tree.

“To continue your quest, look where the Christmas star rests.”

Inside a book they love.

“In the land of stories where adventures take flight, find your stocking where imagination is bright.”

Tucked away in the bathroom near their toothbrush or hairbrush.

“For your next clue, where you clean and wash, seek near the place with the bathroom brush.”

Anywhere in the bathroom.

“Where you wash and brush, a surprise you’ll see, your next clue is where you keep tidy and clean.”

Near the fireplace or inside the chimney if you have a decorative one.

“Where stockings are hung with joy take care, you might find a clue if you dare.”

Near their gaming console or computer.

“Here you might find only digital cheer, but your next clue is hiding quite near.”

Among their toys, action figures, or dolls.

“Among your playmates, your stocking lies, where your favorite toys await the sunrise.”

In their art or craft supplies or near a recent craft project.

“Where creativity flows and colors are bright, your next clue hides with crafty delight.”

In or near their bedrooms.

“Where dreams take flight and sleep takes hold, seek your next clue where bedtime stories are told.”

In a bedroom or coat closet.

“Behind closed doors, a surprise you’ll find, in a cozy space, where clothes are confined.”

On or near a window sill. If it’s not too cold, place stockings in a visible location right outside the window.

“Look outside, where the world is in sight, your next clue awaits in the soft Christmas light.”

In a pot or pan, or near the cookie jar.

“Hungry for clues? Check where cookies are kept warm.”

Inside the refrigerator, near a dessert or something sweet.

“If you’re seeking a sweet delight, open the door that keeps things cool at night.”

Nestled in a blanket or pillow fort.

“To find your treasure with delight, search where you snuggle up with soft lights.”

In the fridge, freezer, pantry, or even a lunchbox.

“In a place where meals are stored, find a stocking (or clue), your reward.”

Other Clue Suggestions:

Picture Clues: Print or draw small pictures that hint at the location of the next stocking.

Word Scramble: Give them a word scramble or puzzle to solve where the answer reveals the hiding spot.

Treasure Map: Draw a simple map of your house with marked locations where the stockings are hidden. The first clue leads to the map.

Code Breaker: Use a simple code or cipher where they have to decode the message to find the next clue.

Remember to adjust the difficulty of the clues based on the age and abilities of your kids. It might also be fun to have a small prize or treat at each stocking location as they progress through the hunt!

Other Location Suggestions

Underneath a Pillow Fort: Hide one stocking under a pillow fort that they have to dismantle gently to find.

Inside a Kitchen Appliance: Put a stocking inside the microwave, oven, or refrigerator.

On a Bookshelf: Tuck a stocking between books or behind a book.

Under Their Beds: Place a stocking beneath their beds or under their pillows.

Behind a Painting or Picture Frame: Secure a stocking behind a painting or photo on the wall.

In the Bathroom: Hide a stocking in the shower or behind the shower curtain.

Inside a Shoe or Boot: Slip a stocking inside one of their shoes or winter boots.