Summer 2017

Making Summer Matter – The Summer Guide

Camp with (school) friends! School campouts can build memories and a stronger community.


Camping is largely about having a good time together. How can it be better? Friends. And some of the best friends you can find are probably at your ACCS school. Why not invite them along? When you arrive, the kids see their friends and are off! After the tent’s up, grab portable seating and visit neighbors. They might already have a fire going!flip_flops


Surprisingly, it takes very little effort to organize. You can do this on your own, or partner with another family or two.


Find a campground, preferably with facilities — perhaps a state park that’s not too busy or a favorite family campground that takes reservations.


Pick a date and time. Reserve a location for yourself. Don’t worry — everyone won’t be available. That’s OK. Just try to avoid official school events.


Send a notice to your school or class via newsletter, email, or other means of communication. Depending on the location size, you may want to limit the audience for the invitation to your kids’ classes, or, invite the whole school! The best time to send notification is just before school lets out. Be sure everyone knows they’re on their own for tents and campers, or if the campground has rental cabins.


Make sure the time, date, and location are clear, along with the location you reserved for yourself so people can find or reserve their own spots nearby. Mention any special instructions, such as bringing fishing gear if there’s a lake or bikes if there are trails.

Then your part is done. Don’t worry about who shows up. If it’s only you, you’ll enjoy some family time. If the whole school shows up, you’ll have more memories to share.

You can expect things like impromptu camp fire discussions with adults only, because all the kids are out playing; a larger dinner than you planned because your four hotdogs turned into a community potluck; extra children you didn’t know before, sleeping in your camper; and stargazing with others who appreciate their maker.