Fall 2016

Uniform Tips and Stories



• Our recommended tie: The half windsor

• The full windsor

• The bow tie



ironTo keep the pleats in longer, drip dry. You can also dry on low and remove the skirt when it’s still damp. The more and higher the heat in the dryer, the sooner the skirt will loose its pleats.

For added help, you can keep the pleats in place with bobby pins, paper clips, or hair slides while ironing.



HINT: Buy a supply of appropriately colored patches before school starts.

In our family, holes most often occur in pants and sweaters.

PANTS: To avoid patching holes in the knees, buy pants with reinforced knees. They might be more expensive, but this can be worth it in the long run. Or even in the first week.

When holes do appear, have patches on hand. You can place a patch just about anywhere, even on the pocket that got cut by scissors in art class.

SWEATERS: Patches are handy for repairing holes in sweaters, even along seams. Make sure the hole is closed as much as possible before placing the patch, so that the sticky surface from the patch doesn’t show through and attract lint or dirt. I’ve repaired many sweater holes this way along seams, on elbows, and in random spots. If you’re careful, repairs are nearly invisible.

Note: Unless you’re going for a style your school may or may not approve, patches always go on the inside.