by Ty Fischer

You should really read “With All Your Heart,” one of my former students and Back Room Member, John Hayward, told me.

I looked it up and in a few clicks a copy was headed to me. Now, let me tell you: you should really read With All Your Heart.  It is a great book, and it helps you to see more clearly how your heart works by looking at the Scriptures and helping you understand what the Bible says about your heart. Quickly, here are the three reasons you should read it:

    • It is convicting. It is because it speaks in clear, blunt, straight-forward language about an important topic. Troxel does a good job of holding up a mirror and shining the light of Scripture into the darker recesses of the heart. I often found myself thinking, “Wow, that is how my heart works!” Or, “That’s me!” We need books like this that are not afraid to tell us the truth about ourselves.
    • It is a manly book. By this I do not mean that women should not read it. It is mainly because it fails to make excuses for sin. It helps you see what you do, and why the Bible says you do it, but it does not then pull the punch to help you get out from under the condemnation of the Word by excuses.
    • Instead of providing excuses, it provides something better: Jesus. Each section of the book finishes, or is capped off, by a chapter on Christ. Our hope is not in self-help or a technique, but only, always in Jesus.

What a refreshing book! Read With All Your Heart: Orienting Your Mind, Desires, and Will Toward Christ by A. Craig Troxel.