Is Hybrid Homeschooling The Wave Of The Future?

by | Nov 27, 2018 | 0 comments

By Mike McShane

Read more at Forbes:

Some of our schools are beginning to experiment with “Bridge” programs, Forbes is starting to notice that that model, as well as the Classical roots beneath it, will create big waves in the future of education!

“Hybrid homeschools are particularly interesting for two reasons. First, they blur the lines around what we consider a “school.” With the proliferation of new technologies and resources, it is much easier for families to get high-quality materials and instruction for their children in a wide range of subjects. It is also easier for families to network with each other and find opportunities to collaborate.

At the same time, many families still want something resembling a traditional school experience. Hybrid homeschools leverage new innovations while satisfying parents’ desires. More than anything, they cause us to ask questions about traditionally organized schools (both public and private): Why keep a tight leash around learning? Can we leverage outside resources better to improve the quality of education that children receive? What role should parents play in shaping what children learn?”