In light of this year’s college admissions scandal, universities, high schools, and parents alike are taking a fresh look at college admissions requirements. The CLT (Classic Learning Test) provides a new admissions-testing alternative, cultivating truth, beauty, and goodness in students rather than the stark evaluation of content mastery that other college admissions tests offer. Now accepted by over 150 colleges and taken by over 10,000 students, the CLT promises broad impact on the future of Christian education.

Read the Wall Street Journal article, The SAT and ACT Have a Classical Competitor–A new standardized test based on the idea of education as soulcraft.

Are you considering the CLT for your students or your child? Read The Gospel Coalition’s recent article that offers a more in-depth explanation of the problem that the CLT solves, and a breif history answering why we employ standardized testing in the first place. Read the article here.

Read more about the CLT and register at the CLT website.