What about STEM?  Classical Christian schools have long put on our fad-resistant coats when it comes to educational trends.  But, there’s a certain appeal to the current STEM movement in education that we have to address.  After all, our kids need to make a living someday.  And, we’re told, STEM is the key to that.  Maybe not.

Science, technology, engineering and math may be the tools of trade in our modern world.  In the 1700’s, these emerging disciplines were more like scythes, tack (for horses), equipment (farm), and mechanized travel.  Yet, they educated their children classically.  Why?  Because they realized that the strengths our children brought to the American economy and society were not in the trades they would perform, but in the making of their minds.

Creativity and human understanding are still at a premium.  And, across the country, classical Christian schools are proving this. Check out how these students from member school Appomattox Christian Academy have been involved in creating new technology for an old instrument.  http://www.keyboardmag.com/gear/1183/acoustic-upright-and-grand-draftengineorg/59211