A Recommendation by David Goodwin


I would like to  recommend this article on higher education, by Dr. Scott Yenor. It is a review of John M. Ellis’ “The Breakdown of Higher Education.” Dr. Yenor’s review is the  most clear and realistic viewpoint I’ve seen with regard to the situation of higher education, and in many ways puts a finer point on the argument.
Ellis concludes that universities no longer serve the common good; in fact, their “true north” undermines a well-functioning republican form of government that is capable of loving itself and protecting itself. The bait and switch of promising one kind of education and then delivering social transformation along the lines of identity politics amounts to the embezzlement of public funds for private, partisan activity, punishable, perhaps, under the Hatch Act, Ellis suggests. ~Dr. Scott Yenor

The Breakdown of Higher Education

In my  first house, I saw a spot of rot coming through the baseboard near our bathtub.  I didn’t take it seriously at the time, and consequently, before I was done, I had to replace the support joists underneath the house, and everything above them, including the bathtub, and for that matter, the bathroom.  My experience would have been easier if I had just taken a realistic view of that “spot” in the first place.

One may say, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater!” regarding higher ed. But, if the rot is as deep as this book indicates, then the remodeling metaphor is more appropriate.  We should speed the investment in classical Christian colleges! …

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