Don’t Miss the Blessing!

It’s no secret that classical Christian education is the fastest growing and arguably the most talked about educational trend for Christians in the past two decades.
The ACCS commissioned nationally recognized film production company to find out.  The Gorilla-Poet film crew (The River Thief, The Riot and The Dance) criss-crossed the country as they talked to parents, leaders, and students.
What did they hear?
“Don’t miss the blessing!”

So many parents enjoy the blessing of a truly different, effective, and uniquely Christian way of training children up in the way they should go, so when they are old, they will not depart from it.
The video, Geronimo! Amen, reflects the hopes, aspirations, and real-life experiences of just a few of the tens of thousands of involved parents, students, and educators.  Be careful.  You might catch the vision.  But the real blessing comes when the vision catches you!
Geronimo! Amen debuted at the 2018 Repairing the Ruins Conference and will be available here on Thursday, September 6th. Tune in and don’t miss the blessing!