Classical Christian education taught me to be a lover of learning. Instead of learning material simply to regurgitate it on a test, my teachers guided me to ask good questions and learn deeply about ideas. God has used that as He continues to reveal His purpose for me, working alongside the church to serve people from different cultures by teaching English and building relationships. It’s helped me listen well and better understand where people are coming from so we can meet their physical and spiritual needs.”

ELIZABETH WADE is a graduate of Covenant Classical School in Fort Worth, Texas



The classical Christian education I received equipped me to read, write, and think critically. It gave me the tools to learn at every stage, from high school to college to the positions I’ve held throughout my career. Even now, I draw on it in work I do, which requires me to think independently, gather and analyze information, synthesize it, and make decisions. Most importantly, it’s given me a solid foundation in the gospel and Scripture that helps me lead my family, walk with friends through tough situations, and share my faith.”

WILL FRAZIER is a graduate of Westminster Academy in Memphis, Tennessee. He is the founder and Vice President of Research at Memphis Research Group, an investment research services, portfolio management, and consulting firm.