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Our students are required to learn from the masters the old-fashioned way, but we’re giving parents a break. In the spirit of recreation, Cherise Stutzman, art teacher at Classical Christian Academy in Rathdrum, ID, shared one of her creations with us as a “paint by number.” To see more beautiful art, visit

Print Template

Note: As the size of the image decreases, the lines and numbers might be more difficult to see. Some numbers might not be printed in small paint areas.
5×7 (PNG – 1MB)
5×7 (PDF – 1MB)
8×10 (PNG – 3MB)
8×10 (PDF – 2MB)
16×20 (PNG – .5MB)
16×20 (PDF – .5MB)

Color Key & Tips

Color Key (PDF)
Tips for transfer to canvas
General Tips

◀ What your picture might look like when it’s finished (16×20 highest detail).

◀ What your picture might look like when it’s finished (8×10 or 5×7 lower detail).

Upload Your Painting to Social Media and Tag Us!

After submitting your painting to us, share your painting with The Classical Difference community by uploading a picture of your finished painting to Instagram or MeWe. Use the hashtag #TCDPaint on both, and be sure to tag The Classical Difference. For Instagram @ClassicalDifference, on MeWe @TheClassicalDifference.  We look forward to seeing your paintings!

Share online! We’d love to see your finished painting.