Our fourth graders got a small and solemn glimpse into monastic life during “Monk Day.” They took vows of silence (and mostly kept them ;), sang hymns in Latin, practiced copying the Bible by candlelight, ate lentil soup, sipped tea, and took a prayer walk around the school! We love how the classical Christian model of education makeshistory come to life for our students!

—ASHLEY KEITH, Director of Admissions & Communications


Mars Hill Academy fourth graders transformed themselves into uncivilized brutes for an afternoon of feasting, looting, and gaming. Barbarian Day came as the students concluded their studies of early medieval barbarians like Alaric the Visigoth, Attila the Hun, and Genseric the Vandal. Students learned that these men all attempted to conquer Rome and significantly influenced European history. They will spend the rest of the year exploring the Middle Ages. These barbarians will be christianized and converted into monks by May! Students weren’t the only ones who showed their barbarian side. Grammar School Principal James Waldy (shown) joined in on the fun.

—LISA KNODEL, Marketing & Communications Director

“Continuous Wonder: Education for Life”

“Wonder about difficult, good, true, and beautiful works, but wonder. … The human soul grows and education gives that soul the needed matter for health. These assumptions have governed classical education for millennia. Great works, plays, films, books, music, are examined in a community … Each generation can add to the great works and so participate in a great, timeless conversation. Having gained the habit of mind and the humility to approach great books with care, we must keep reading! … There really is no limit to the things we could learn to love! … We must keep wondering. Wonder will last until the Wonderful comes. Until that great and awesome day, let us continue to grow, to challenge, to wonder in a way that will make us fit for that good End.”