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Knowing God at Harvard

Knowing God at Harvard

By PATRICK HALBROOK If a high school student asked you to recommend a college where the Bible is faithfully taught, Christian moral principles are held in high esteem, and knowledge of God is understood to be the foundation of all knowledge, what would you suggest? A...

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Holidays: History, Meaning, and the Future

By Edward Straka According to Harold J. Berman – author of Law and Revolution and former law professor at Harvard University – history is driven by revolutions that drive changes in the law structure of society that affects the governance of people, places and things....

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Today We Finished Reading “Charlotte’s Web”

by Faith Silvertooth Christian Heritage Classical School, Longview, TX Today, we finished reading Charlotte’s Web. It was very emotional for us. As I was reading the chapter in which Charlotte dies, I noticed one of my students gasp. I looked up to realize she figured...

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Art is long. Life is eternal.

by Alane Holm Ars longa; vita brevis. "Art is long, life is brief." This phrase is attributed to the fourth century Roman statesman, Seneca, but it is believed to have originated first with Hippocrates, who spoke to this human dilemma in the opening pages of his...

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Acquiring Good Taste: Expanding your Intellectual Appetite

Sometimes it’s as much fun to read about food as it is to eat it. Consider this passage from Dickens’ novel, Pickwick Papers: “Mr. Pickwick found that his three companions had risen and were waiting his arrival to commence breakfast, which was ready laid in tempting...

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Christians and History and Christian History

Henry Ford famously said history is “bunk,” by which he meant that people should live in the present and not in the past. This common criticism of history has bled into the church. It has been equal parts ironic and ruinous that the church’s resistance to church...

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You Cannot “Find” the Will of God

A Message to the Class of 2016 (and for Everyone) (Adapted & Re-Printed) Over the last two centuries, a popular but troubling theology has emerged in Christian churches. The doctrine of God's perfect will suggests that our Creator has a hidden plan for our lives...

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