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Tips for Educating your Kids…Even on the Commute

Tips for Educating your Kids…Even on the Commute

Morality While Motoring Depending on where we lived at the time, we have had anywhere from a twenty to fifty (!) minute drive to the classical Christian school my children attend. As such, we have devoted plenty of effort over the years to developing creative ways to...

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Acquiring Good Taste: Expanding your Intellectual Appetite

Sometimes it’s as much fun to read about food as it is to eat it. Consider this passage from Dickens’ novel, Pickwick Papers: “Mr. Pickwick found that his three companions had risen and were waiting his arrival to commence breakfast, which was ready laid in tempting...

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Christians and History and Christian History

Henry Ford famously said history is “bunk,” by which he meant that people should live in the present and not in the past. This common criticism of history has bled into the church. It has been equal parts ironic and ruinous that the church’s resistance to church...

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You Cannot “Find” the Will of God

A Message to the Class of 2016 (and for Everyone)  (Adapted & Re-Printed) Over the last two centuries, a popular but troubling theology has emerged in Christian churches. The doctrine of God's perfect will suggests that our Creator has a hidden plan for our lives that...

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