Fall 2018

One of the “gold standard” goals for every classical Christian school is this: forming affections. We talk about discipleship, and how to shape “loves.” We talk about character development, and how to love truth, goodness, and beauty. But how do we actually do it?

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While the ways to form affections are countless, choosing the right activities for our kids is one of the most obvious. This is why classical Christian schools do activities just a bit differently.


Answering the question: why music?

On June 22nd, 81 voices joined together to present the first ever ACCS National Honor Choir at the Repairing the Ruins Conference. ACCS students from all over the nation auditioned for the chance to rehearse, fellowship, and learn together over a four-day period in Dallas. Why go to so much effort? What is so special about choral music?

Music holds an important place in the classical education we want for our students, but choral music is an essential part of our worship of the King of Kings. Because of this, the ACCS encourages musical excellence in its schools, and New Saint Andrews College (NSA) holds choral music in high regard. It was this shared vision of the importance of music that brought about the National Honor Choir sponsored by NSA.

Their performance was evidence of what high school students can do. They came together to practice and perform under the direction of Dr. David Erb, the Head of the Conservatory of Music at NSA. Additional faculty were flown in to assist with voice coaching, technique, and sectionals. Their hard work culminated in a beautiful and powerful performance. Several listeners commented, “I’ve never heard music like that! Amazing!”

Choral singing is not only part of a good education and in accordance with Scripture, but it can also be a barometer for how your school is doing spiritually. According to Mr. Kent Young, music director at The Oaks Academy, “A choir sounds better when they are in fellowship together.” Are the students in good fellowship? Are the teachers in fellowship with the students? A choral program can help address both these issues. Consider how you can help your school answer “yes” to the following questions:

• Are we making music a part of our culture?

• Are we ensuring that all students sing together?

• Are we training our students to recognize musical excellence?

• Are our students musically literate?

ACCS and NSA will continue to partner together for a National Honor Choir as long as the Lord allows. Auditions begin this fall, and accepted students from all over the nation will perform together at the 2019 Repairing the Ruins Conference.

ACCS 2018 Honor Choir Schools

• Providence Classical Christian School, WA

• Cair Paravel, KS • Tall Oaks, DE

• Covenant Classical School, TX

• Bloomfield Christian, MI

• Westminster, AL

• Geneva Academy, LA

• Regents Academy, TX

• Logos Online, ID

• The Oaks Academy, WA* ACCS_graphic_sm1

HEATHER LLOYD, New Saint Andrews College

*Note of thanks to The Oaks, who auditioned their entire choir and raised funds to send 51 Honor Choir students to Dallas.