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Dr. Louis Markos

Enjoy the scholarship and humor of Dr. Markos live this year from the ACCS conference. Markos is the Robert H. Ray Chair in Humanities and Professor of English at Houston Baptist University …

Dr. Gregory Thornbury

President of The King’s College, son of a Baptist minister, and educated under the supervision of Al Mohler, Dr. Thornbury is an author and contributor …

John Piper

“All things not only belong to Christ, but all things display Christ. Human beings exist to magnify his worth in the world. Our worth consists of …”

True educators, even among the secularists

Amidst a field of STEM educators, seeking ways to teach our kids more stuff, there is a recognition that true education requires something more.  You can almost see this as classicists in the traditional school environment stand...

Breakpoint: STEM is Not Enough

“Make sure that students are being asked the big questions: What is true, beautiful, and good? You might want to consider a classical Christian school for your child if there’s one in your area.”

National Review: The Resurgence of Classical Education

Dan Scoggin once thought that he would spend his career teaching college students about Victorian novels. After taking a job at Tempe Prep in Arizona in 1998, however, he realized that higher learning can occur at lower levels.

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